7-Day Cleanse Class: The Kitchen Goddess most popular class, the 7-Day Cleanse, is now available online as well as locally (Tallahassee area)! Please click this link to find out more about the 7-Day Cleanse.

Green Smoothies Class: The Kitchen Goddess presents Green Smoothies!!! Get 6 to 8 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables in one meal- breakfast. Reduce cravings (especially sugar), feel better and more energetic without any late morning energy crash, and have a great conversational piece when taking your green smoothie to work with you!! People who drink green smoothies report losing weight, balancing blood sugar (eliminating diabetes), reduced kidney stones, and many more health benefits plus they taste   great!

Healthy Appetizers Class: Jill Welch of The Kitchen Goddess will teach you how to prepare healthy appetizers. Entertaining can be healthy and delicious!! Recipes and tastings!

Healthy Cooking Class: This is a quick class on basic healthy eating. We meet for a half hour and make one or more recipes. Sample and recipes are given.

Kimchee Class: Kimchee, a pro-biotic pickled vegetable condiment from Korea, can be easily made at home. Kimchee promotes healthy digestion and weight loss. It is delicious with rice and many other foods. Kimchee is very low in calories, but high in fiber, live enzymes, and other nutrients. Learn how to make your own with Whole Foods Educator Jill Welch. Each participant will take home a free jar of kimchee. This is a hands-on workshop, so bring your apron! Samples will be provided.

Learn Ancient Dietary Secrets for Better Health: The Kitchen Goddess will draw on over 20 years experience in natural foods to present a summary of the best dietary practices from many disciplines. Jill will tell you how to balance yin and yang (expansion and contraction) in your diet and lifestyle. You will learn to eat according to the seasons and minimize cravings and imbalances. Come enjoy learning about the subtle and not so subtle energies of food and how it relates to health. Vegan samples provided.

Natural Foods: How to Incorporate More Natural Foods Into Your Diet: Discover practical, simple and pain-free ways to change eating habits and enjoy vibrant health. This class is for anyone interested in improving their diet, losing weight, having more energy and feeling great. You will sample some yummy natural foods creations and take home recipes and ideas for your personal healthy eating journey!

Pesto!: Come experience the wonderful world of pesto! Jill will discuss different ways to create this versatile, delicious and nutritious dish. You will get the opportunity to sample 3 different types of pesto.

Pregnancy & Beyond: Nutrition for Moms: Discover ways to incorporate more nutrient dense foods in your diet, and healthy alternatives to traditional yet unhealthy foods as well as give suggestions for nourishing snacks and meals including ways to increase fruits and vegetables daily.

Raw Foods/Vegan Lifestyle (Holiday Style): Learn the how to and practical ways to make this lifestyle work for you. Sample some tasty raw and vegan foods prepared by The Kitchen Goddess.

Sea Vegetables Class: Jill Welch, whole foods educator, will demystify sea vegetables. No matter what your health goals may be, sea vegetables can play a significant role in improving your well being. Sea vegetables add valuable trace minerals to your diet and can detoxify heavy metals from your body. Jill will explain the various types of sea vegetables and prepare some delectable samples.

The Survivorship Chef: A class specifically designed to teach healthy nutrition and cooking for cancer survivors and their friends and families.

Teaching on Dairy and Dairy Alternatives: Jill will introduce us to yummy almond milk, and we can sample kefir and yogurt, perhaps some will even venture into goat yogurt!

Teaching on Fat and Low Fat Foods: Jill will show us a whole new flavorful world as we embark on an "oils tasting" such as flaxseed oil, borage, primrose along with tasty vegetables. We'll discover which oils taste best drizzled over rice or quinoa.

Teaching on Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and vegetables have never tasted better as we make and taste Jill's delicious "Green Smoothie." Each smoothie has 5 vegetable/fruit servings!

Teaching on Meat vs. Vegetarian: Protein in our diet is essential, but not all protein must come from meat. We will explore plant based protein. Jill will teach us about tofu and tempeh, two other great protein sources.

Teaching on Sweet Food and Discuss Sugar vs. Artificial Sweeteners: Got a sweet tooth and still want to eat healthy? Jill will stretch our world of sweets we eat as we dive into all natural sweet treats such as fruit and stevia, agave, maple syrup, honey, and more.

Teaching on Whole Grains: Jill will teach you how to create her famous quinoa salad and she will also introduce you to the world of fermented vegetables.

What to Feed Your Baby Beyond the Breast: How you feed your baby may determine life long eating patterns. Discuss the basics of what and when to start feeding solids, how to foster healthy eating habits and practical ways to include the best possible nutrition in every meal.

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